Our research

Research conducted within the Centre for Radio Astronomy and Space Research (CRASR) at AUT aims to contribute to knowledge and practice in the fields of radio astronomy and space exploration.

To achieve these goals, we're engaged in:

  • Research in radio astronomy and astrophysics
  • Research in earth science applications such as space geodesy (VLBI and GPS) and the study of tectonic processes in NZ and Australia
  • Research in big data and high-performance computing
  • Collaborations with the world-class Warkworth Radio Astronomical Observatory (currently the Warkworth Space Centre)
  • Co-operation with world-leading radio astronomical observatories and space agencies
  • The design and development new astronomical centres and mega-science projects (SKA)

Current research areas

Members of the research centre work collaboratively on multiple projects and also co-supervise students across the team.

The centre currently works in the following research areas:

  • Rydberg atoms and their applications in astrophysics and quantum computing
  • Cosmic masers and lasers
  • Development of the laser scanning technique and its application to quality assessment of radio telescopes and antennas
  • Mapping the spiral pattern of the Milky Way galaxy
  • Gravitational waves
  • Investigation of nature and radiation mechanisms of rotating neutron stars – pulsars.
  • Sensors in radio astronomy and engineering
  • Searching for exoplanets

Our publications

Our researchers are regularly releasing publications in internationally renowned publications.

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The Centre for Radio Astronomy and Space Research is hosting regular events to promote and further research and postgraduate studies.

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Networking and upskilling is always at the forefront of our team. Regional and international conferences help us strengthen current and future projects.

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