NZ SKA Forum 2018

Science for SKA Colloquium 2018

Welcome to Science for SKA (S4SKA) Colloquium
Tuesday 13 – Wednesday 14 February 2018
Venue:  Sir Paul Reeves Building WG701-702, AUT City Campus
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One of the 21st century’s biggest and most ambitious science ventures, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) will deepen our understanding of the Universe and answer some fundamental questions about space, time, matter and energy. The primary aim of this Science for SKA Colloquium is to foster interaction and collaboration between New Zealand and international scientists – radio astronomers and physicists, engineers and mathematicians - building on the successful SKANZ 2010 and 2012 meetings, and thereby helping to realise the exciting potential of the SKA.

Computing for SKA Colloquium 2018: Towards Construction

Welcome to Computing for SKA (C4SKA) Colloquium
Thursday 15 – Friday 16 February 2018
Venue:  Sir Paul Reeves Building WG404, AUT City Campus

The Local Organising Committee warmly invites you to attend the annual Colloquium hosted by the New Zealand SKA Alliance in conjunction with AUT’s School for Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences. It brings together industry and academics working on the design of computer systems for the SKA - the mega science project of the 21st century to build the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope. This is an opportunity to hear from the experts involved in the design phase and learn about the range of solutions developed to meet the unprecedented computing demands. The Colloquium will also include presentations and discussions around the project’s transition towards construction.


Programmes for Science for SKA Colloquium and Computing for SKA Colloquium

Programme for Science for SKA Colloquium

Venue: Sir Paul Reeves Building, WG701-702 (View campus map)

Tuesday 13 February

Registration - WG Level 7
Opening and Welcome
Robert Braun, SKA Office


TEA BREAK (30 min)



Wednesday 14 February



TEA BREAK (20min)


LUNCH (60 min)
BUS TRIP to Ransom Wines and Warkworth Radio Astronomical Observatory

Programme for Computing for SKA Colloquium

Venue: Sir Paul Reeves Building, WG404

Thursday 15 February

Registration - outside WG404
Opening and Welcome
Robert Braun, SKA Office – Science with the Square Kilometre Array


TEA BREAK (30 min)

Friday 16 February

Simon Rae, MBIE - MBIE Perspective of NZ Involvement in SKA
Panel on SKA Procurement



Norbert Abel   AUT

Jordan Alexander   IRASR, AUT

Peter Baillie   HPC Research Lab, AUT

Vignesh Raja Balu   Massey University

Andre Barczak   Massey University

Jorn Bettin   S23M

Robert Braun   SKA Organisation

Chris Broekema   ASTRON

Christian Busquiel Sanz   AUT

TN Chan   Compucon New Zealand

Don Christie   Catalyst

Phil Crosby   SKA Organisation

Drew Devereux   CSIRO

Markus Dolensky   ICRAR

Richard Easther   University of Auckland

Philip Edwards   CSIRO

Andrew Ensor   HPC Research Lab, AUT

Nicolas Erdody   Open Parallel

Dave Fielder   Compucon New Zealand

Jimi Green   CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science

Anthony Griffin   HPC Research Lab, AUT

Sergei Gulyaev   IRASR, AUT

Juan Carlos Guzman   CSIRO

Seth Hall   HPC Research Lab, AUT

Grant Hampson   CSIRO

Robin Hankin   AUT

Piers Harding   Catalyst

Douglas Harré   REANNZ

Ben Hart   IRASR, AUT

Rezaul Hasan   Massey University

Song Huang   Compucon New Zealand

Will Kamp   HPC Research Lab, AUT

Roy Kerr   University of Canterbury

Paul Lasky   Monash University

Sam Lewis   Catalyst

David Luchetti   Australian SKA Office

Gabriel Marquette   CNRS

Tim Natusch   IRASR, AUT

Louisa Quartermaine   ICRAR, University of Western Australia

Simon Rae   MBIE

Michael Reznik   Avnet

Tyrone Sherwin   University of Auckland

Andrew Shewring   S23M

Oliver Sinnen   The University of Auckland

Rachel Webster   University of Melbourne

Stuart Weston   IRASR, AUT

David Wilson   AUT

David Wiltshire   University of Canterbury

Willem van Straten   IRASR, AUT

Haomiao Wang   The University of Auckland

Stefan Wong   Compucon New Zealand

Organising Committees

  • Peter Baillie - AUT
  • John Bancroft – AUT
  • TN Chan - Compucon
  • Andrew Ensor – AUT (Co-chair)
  • Nicolás Erdödy - Open Parallel Ltd
  • Anthony Griffin - AUT
  • Sergei Gulyaev – AUT (Co-chair)
  • Patricia Sallis - AUT (Admin)
  • Willem van Straten - AUT