4th International VLBI Technology Workshop 2015

Over fifty people from twelve countries attended the 4th IVTW in late November 2015.

The three previous Workshops were hosted in the USA, South Korea and the Netherlands.  The workshop aims to encompass all areas of hardware or software development relevant to VLBI and e-VLBI.  Our Workshop featured topics such as VLBI Global Observing System (VGOS) and global VLBI developments, receivers, digital backends and recording equipment, e-transport and correlators, as well as mm-VLBI and space VLBI.

Three days of presentations were followed by a more relaxed day which included a coach trip north to our Radio Astronomical Observatory, Warkworth, lunch at the historic Sawmill Café and a visit to Pakiri Hill, Leigh, where in 1948 the Cosmic Noise Expedition successfully conducted early experiments in radio astronomy.IVTW 2015 Group Photo

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