Computing for SKA Colloquium February 2016

The annual C4SKA Colloquium tradition continues.

The annual C4SKA Colloquium attracted around 40 participants from across academia and industry.  We co-hosted along with SECMS’s HPC Research Lab and the NZ SKA Alliance.  Over 20 presenters stimulated a lot of discussion on how the unprecedented computing demands generated by the SKA will be met by technological and software developments.

The evening before the Colloquium Professor Sergei Gulyaev gave an open lecture on advances and challenges of modern Astronomy and the way the SKA project fits into this development.  His presentation ranged across Dark Matter and Dark Energy, black holes and pulsars, Planet Nine and of course the recent discovery of gravitational waves.C4SKA-Colloquium-2016 Group Photo

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Professor Sergei Gulyaev

Deputy Director

Tim Natusch