Public Lecture August 2016: Professor Volker Gass, Director of the Swiss Space Center

Visit timed to support the establishment of a New Zealand Space Centre.

On the 15 August we hosted a public lecture from the Director of the Swiss Space Center Professor Volker Gass.  His topic was “The Value of Space Science to Society” and he talked about how science and industry benefit from the operation of the Swiss Space Center.  Also covered was how a Space Centre in New Zealand could benefit Kiwis and the way it might evolve over the next few years.

It was a strategic visit arranged by The Centre for Space Science Technology (CSST) led by Alexandra based research company Bodeker Scientific.  In November the Government announced that it would support and fund a NZ Space Centre initiative as one of the new Regional Research Institutes.

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Professor Sergei Gulyaev

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Tim Natusch