Royal Society of NZ | 150th Anniversary Regional Lectures 2017

Professor Sergei Gulyaev is the guest speaker in Rotorua, Monday 10 July 2017

The Royal Society of NZ held a series of winter lectures across the country to mark its 150th anniversary. Prof Sergei Gulyaev was invited to speak in Rotorua and chose the topic “Radio Astronomy from New Zealand perspectives”.  It was a full house at the Lido Lounge in the Blue Baths complex and a very attentive audience.  They heard about the role of modern telescopes in providing new information on the Cosmos.  They also heard about the beginnings of Radio Astronomy and the important part played by New Zealand when experiments were carried out in the 1940s from our coastal cliffs.  Sergei concluded by talking about AUT’s Warkworth Radio Astronomical Observatory and its contribution to space research and Earth sciences.

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Professor Sergei Gulyaev

Deputy Director

Tim Natusch