Welcome to Computing for SKA (C4SKA) Colloquium

11 – 12 February 2016

To be held in rooms WG901-902 in the Sir Paul Reeves Building (WG), AUT City Campus

The Organising Committee warmly invites you to this special event - the annual Colloquium hosted by the New Zealand SKA Alliance in conjunction with the Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research and the School for Computer and Mathematical Sciences at AUT.

This Colloquium brings together industry and academics working on the design of computer systems for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) - the mega science project of the 21st century to build the largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world.  This is an opportunity to meet some of the brightest computing talents in the world and learn the range of solutions to meet the unprecedented computing demands from SKA and similar industries over the next ten years.


The conference programme will follow our previously successful conference programmes over the last two years, as the SKA project builds on the momentum of both technology solutions being finalised and detailed designs taking shape during 2016.

This is an opportunity to hear from some of the brightest computing talents and leading researchers on the current range of solutions designed to meet the unprecedented computing demands from SKA and similar industries over the next ten years.

WEDNESDAY 10 February

Professor Sergei Gulyaev will give a public lecture on 'Astronomy and the Square Kilometre Array (SKA)' from 5.30 to 6.30 pm in WE230, followed by light refreshments in WG407. All are welcome.

THURSDAY 11 February

9.30   Sergei Gulyaev - Opening and Welcome
9.40   Phil Crosby – SKAO status and Update
10.00   Kjesten Wiig - New Zealand Participation in SKA
10.20   Andrew Ensor - New Zealand's Contribution toward the SKA Computer System

10.40-11.10 Tea break (30 min)

11.10   TN Chan – Open Architecture Genie
11.30   Don Christie – Open Source Software
11.50   Matthew Simmons – Exascale Streaming Processing
12.10   Suzanne McKinnon – Centre of Technology Excellence

12.30-1.30 Lunch (60 min)

1.30   Jean Francois Nezan – Kalray Roadmap and prototyping on OpenCL
1.50   Oliver Sinnen - OpenCL implementation of FDAS in Pulsar Search on FPGA
2.10 David Wilson - Why Model? The rationale behind a systematic approach for modelling the Central Signal Processor
2.30   Will Kamp – FPGA monitoring and control using AXl over Ethernet

2.50-3.20 Tea break (30 min)

3.20   Markus Dolensky - SDP Data Design for Cloudy Regions
3.40   Anthony Griffin – Modelling the Imaging pipeline for SDP
4.00   Seth Hall – FFT Optimisations for GPU and Many-Core Architectures
4.20 General discussions

4.50 Close Day One

7.00   Dinner at FISH Restaurant, level 1, Hilton, Princes Wharf

FRIDAY 12 February

9.30   Sarah Pearce - Australia’s Role in Operating the SKA
9.50   David Kelly - Cray Data Analytics Workflow Pipeline
10.10   Peter Baillie - Project Managing in the SKA

10.30-11.00 Tea break (30 min)

11.00   Charles Yun – e-VLBI for New Zealand
11.20   Nicolas Erdody – TOPS Software Platform for SKA
11.40   Lance Brown – PowerMX FPGA and COTS Ecosystem
12.00 General discussions

12.20-1.20 Lunch (60 min)

1.20   Mahmoud Mahmoud - Optimised Dynamic Task Allocation
1.40   Stepan Lapshev - ASIC Chip Design for SKA Applications
2.00   Michael Dinneen – Quantum Computing
2.20   Nik Kasabov - Neuromorphic Spatio-temporal Data Machines
2.40   Sergei Gulyaev - Conclusion

3.00 Close Day Two

3.15   Bus to Ransom Winery and AUT's Radio Astronomical Observatory, Warkworth

Peter Baillie   HPC Research Lab, AUT

Lance Brown   Intel Programmable Systems Group

Kevin Byard   AUT

TN Chan   Compucon

Don Christie   Catalyst

Phil Crosby   SKA Organisation

Mary Davies-Colley   Sapere

Michael Dinneen   University of Auckland

Markus Dolensky   ICRAR, The University of Western Australia

Andrew Ensor   HPC Research Lab, AUT

Nicolas Erdody   Open Parallel

Dave Fielder   Compucon

Anthony Griffin   AUT

Steven Groom   Braemac

Sergei Gulyaev   Institute for Radio Astronomy & Space Research, AUT

Seth Hall   HPC Research Lab, AUT

Song Huang   Compucon

Will Kamp   HPC Research Lab, AUT

David Kelly   Cray

Stepan Lapshev   Massey University

Donald Leung   Compucon

Mahmoud S. Mahmoud   IRASR, AUT

Tim Natusch   IRASR, AUT

Jean-Francois Nezan   Kalray

Sarah Pearce   CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science

Nicolas Pradel   AUT

Brody Radford   AUT

Michael Ryan   Sapere

Matthew Simmons   Nyriad

Oliver Sinnen   University of Auckland

Alex St.John   Nyriad

Peter Thomasson   Jodrell Bank, AUT

Haomiao Wang   University of Auckland

Stuart Weston   IRASR, AUT

Kjesten Wiig   MBIE

David Wilson   AUT

Stefan Wong   AUT

Charles Yun   REANNZ

Organising Committees

  • John Bancroft(AUT)
  • TN Chan (Compucon)
  • Andrew Ensor– Co-chair (AUT)
  • Nicolás Erdödy (Open Parallel Ltd)
  • Sergei Gulyaev– Co-chair (AUT)
  • Rezaul Hasan (Massey University)]
  • Oliver Sinnen (University of Auckland)
  • Patricia Sallis (Admin)